Crescent Petroleum reduces carbon intensity and sustains carbon neutrality in UAE Year of Sustainability

Crescent Petroleum, the Middle East’s oldest private oil and gas company, headquartered in Sharjah in the UAE, has announced major new milestones in its sustainability efforts in the UAE Year of Sustainability and as the UAE prepares to host COP28 in Dubai later this month. These include reinforcing its carbon neutrality and reducing its carbon [...]


Developing countries are the most important in efforts to tackle climate change, Crescent Petroleum CEO tells OPEC Seminar

Current climate policies are alienating developing countries who are the key to addressing the climate challenge, Majid Jafar tells senior leaders from the oil and gas industry. The UAE as host of COP28 is uniquely prepared to bridge the North-South divide Majid Jafar: “The carbon transition needs developing countries to have access to lower carbon [...]


Crescent Petroleum and Edraak launch Career Compass Pathway Seeking to Empower 1 million Young People With Skills to Find Jobs and Succeed

Crescent Petroleum, the oldest and largest privately held oil and gas company in the Middle East, has expanded its partnership with Edraak, the Arab World's leading nonprofit platform for online skilling and training, to launch the Career Compass Pathway aimed at helping up to 1 million young people to find better jobs and prepare for a new world of work.

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