Given both the challenging and volatile environments in which we operate, the health, safety and security of our people is of the highest consideration. Our commitment to protecting our workers and communities, preserving the environment, and maintaining the integrity of our assets is set out in our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy and realized through our HSE management system and Emergency Response Plans (ERP). Specifically, we adhere to OHSAS 18001 guidelines and have created a strong safety culture across all our operations.

Safeguarding our people and stakeholders

We have a strong collective culture of safety in which everyone is responsible for their own safety as well as those around them. Crescent Petroleum prioritizes safety in employee training. For example, our Safety Training Matrix matches specific trainings to each personnel position, ensuring that every employee is fully aware of their role in ensuring individual and group safety.

Safety training workshops are also extended to contractors to help reduce the number of health and safety incidents in our supply chain. In 2015, over one thousand individual HSE training sessions were delivered at our operations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). We maintain an incident register to record all health and safety incidents and lessons learned which helps us to further improve our approach to HSE across Crescent Petroleum operations.

The ERP framework is designed to facilitate a quick and immediate response that is appropriate to the nature of the emergency. Naturally, we go far beyond dealing with emergencies. Keeping in mind the importance of our employees’ health and well-being, the Company is a leader in providing regular health check- ups, counselling, and treatment to employees, workers, and their families.

Safeguarding our Environment

Crescent Petroleum has an exceptional track-record of environmentally responsible project planning and execution. Our Environmental Aspects Procedure (EAP), first implemented in 2010, applies the same level of engagement and transparency to environmental challenges as to management and business decisions and our goal is to leave a legacy of environmental care in the communities where we operate. This complements our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) policy to ensure that we follow a systematic approach to environmental management, waste minimization and pollution prevention and control.


Everyone who works on behalf of Crescent Petroleum is responsible for the Health, Safety, Security and Welfare of our Employees, Joint Venture Employees and Contractors, and for positively contributing to the protection of our Assets throughout their intended lifecycle; the Communities where we operate and for safeguarding the Environment.

We are committed to:

  • Pursuing a goal of no harm to People, Assets, the Environment and Communities where we operate;
  • Adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards;
  • Ensuring those performing activities are aware of the relevant HSSE & SP risks and controls pertaining to their activities;
  • Establishing HSSE & SP objectives and action plans that drive continuous improvement and actively measure and communicate performance against those objectives;
  • Minimising discharges, wastes and emissions, safeguarding biodiversity and optimising the use of natural resources;
  • Ensuring efficient use of energy and water is considered throughout the lifecycle of our assets;
  • Ensuring that the design, operational and technical integrity of our assets are sustained throughout their lifecycle;
  • Reporting and investigating incidents to ensure effective preventive and corrective actions and sharing lessons learned with relevant Stakeholders;
  • Strengthening organisational resilience through the effective application of risk management, security, emergency preparedness and business recovery practices;
  • Actively engaging with relevant authorities, security organisations and local communities to ensure effective security standards are maintained;
  • Investing in the local communities to ensure social advancement and positive relationships are maintained.

Our commitment to this policy is demonstrated through visible leadership, effective communication, a proactive performance culture supported by transparent monitoring and reporting systems in conjunction with continuous investment in our people, assets, environment, and local communities. This policy will be reviewed regularly for continued applicability and relevance. We encourage our Contractors and relevant Stakeholders to commit to this Policy.
Majid Jafar
CEO, Crescent Petroleum


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