Supporting Young Female Entrepreneurs

Crescent petroleum female EMployees

Crescent Petroleum has collaborated with KESK, a woman-led start-up solar company based in the KRI to implement a number of sustainable energy projects starting with a solar power upgrade at our remote motorised valve stations. KESK, which means green in the Kurdish language, leverages novel solar solutions to enable green design and construction in the region.

Following a power outage at a remote motorised valve station that impacted the visibility of the SCADA system and security CCTV camera from the Khormor control system, Crescent Petroleum implemented a pilot project with KESK to use solar power as an upgrade solution. KESK has completed the upgrade’s design, installation, and commissioning with great success.

Accordingly, Crescent Petroleum has hired KESK to complete solar upgrades at some of the remote motorised valve stations. The upgrades will save energy and are projected to further reduce CO2 emissions. Throughout the project, KESK has followed Crescent Petroleum’s high-performance standards, adhered to our safety guidelines, met project deadlines, and provided all requested documents and certifications.

Through the availability of an online monitoring system, we have visibility on the health of the solar system remotely from our Khormor site, which reduces the need for routine inspection visits and provides advanced prediction indications on failures before they happen, which eventually increases the system reliability and availability.

KESK is now registered with the KRI MNR supplier database, further enabling them to gain opportunities with Crescent Petroleum and other international oil and gas companies operating in the region. We plan to partner with KESK on additional projects in the KRI, further reducing our carbon footprint while supporting an ambitious and talented local start up.