Enhancing Waste Management Practices

To dramatically reduce the waste sent to landfills, we invested into our Khor Mor waste management infrastructure in 2021, including procuring an incinerator, waste delivery truck and fabricated waste skips at strategic locations throughout our operations to control waste. We subsequently developed an associated waste management program, which defined operationally appropriate waste streams and incorporated training for the incinerator operators and technicians.

After successfully installing and commissioning the incinerator and its related operations, we were able to accelerate our overall waste management practices by addressing the growing volumes of single use plastic caused by COVID-19’s hygiene restrictions, and further reduced the waste sent to landfills from the KM250 project.

Description Volume (KG)
Waste collected (indicative) 46,066
Waste reused (indicative) 10,694
Waste recycled (indicative) 4,476

In the future, we aim to expand the various types of waste processed by the incinerator to expand the throughput.