Community Investment and Engagement

We prioritize developing and strengthening relationships with communities where we operate, both as a responsible corporate citizen and a good neighbour. We actively engage with a variety of community stakeholders, from local business owners and community leaders to public officials and NGOs.

We are also committed to strengthening the communities where we operate by listening to their needs and supporting strategic initiatives that make a difference in their lives. As a result, we focus our community investments in four key areas; agriculture, education, environment, and health.

In 2021, our social contributions to local communities exceeded US$2.3 million, including social investment contributions and the provision of power to local villages.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Units 2019 2020 2021
Social Investments USD 000’s 705 569 996
Power Supply to Villages USD 000’s 1,235 1,655 1,342
Total Social Contributions to Local Communities USD 000’s 1,940 2,224 2,338


Among the 2021 community investments included:

Education and Training

  • In partnership with the American University of Cairo, we helped empower 45 youths in Dakahlia by providing vocational training and spaces to incubate and scale up creative enterprises
  • Provided school transportation for 181 students from 21 different villages in Qadir Karam, Kurdistan
  • Supported the monthly salaries of 18 teachers in schools throughout Qadir Karam and supplied printers for one of the primary schools
  • Provided capacity building courses to high school students from Qadir Karam

Quality of Life

  • Supplied five villages in Qadir Karam with free electrical power from our Khor Mor plant, an estimated value of more than US$1.3 million.
  • Provided 9,200 litres of fuel each month to Qadir Karam and surrounding villages
  • Made road repairs in Qadir Karam to help ease travel constraints
  • Repaired vehicles used by the Qadir Karam Police and other government offices in Kurdistan that experienced significant wear and tear due to increased travel requirements related to COVID-19
  • Repaired generators in Qadir Karam and provided air conditioners to the Kurdistan Civil Defence Department


  • Sponsored monthly salaries of two ambulance drivers from the local health centre

Water and Sanitation

  • Implemented equipment repairs to provide a continuous water supply to Cham Surkhaw Village in Qadir Karam
  • Rented a water truck for four months to distribute water within Qadir Karam town and surrounding villages in conjunction with the Qadir Karam Water Department
  • Supported water usage awareness campaigns in the towns of Chamchamal and Shorsh, including leaflet distribution, awareness presentations, and shows on local media channels
  • Implemented a community drinking water project in Qadir Karam to make drinking water fountains more available.

Long-Term Investment Plans

Through the Kurdistan Gas Project (‘Project’), significant investments have been made to provide the KRI with cleaner burning natural gas for its electricity generation needs. Pearl Petroleum has invested ~$2.3 billion in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq over the last 14 years, which created multiple and significant impacts.

  • Estimated $19 – 30 billion contribution towards the KRI’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • 20,000 temporary jobs were created during the construction of the Project in the initial years.
  • 2,200 permanent jobs were created during the operational phase of the Project.
  • Over $27 billion in fuel cost savings for the Kurdistan Regional Government.
  • 42 million tCO2e in avoided greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Over 80% of involved employees were from the KRI.
  • More than $300 million in local procurement.

With KM 250 expansion project and future investment plans, these economic and social impact on Kurdistan Region will only grow multi-fold.