Ensures a safe, cost effective, environmentally compliant and effective operational performance and integrity of the installation, its facilities and personnel in order to deliver hydrocarbon exports in accordance with statutory and company standards and requirements Responsible for the integrity of the facility and the operational activity of the specific area in terms of manpower planning and scheduling and ensuring that the plant problems are resolved to enable uninterrupted operations. Reports to the Plant Manager.

Involvement in finance raising activities for upstream oil and gas projects and corporate/asset acquisitions. Involvement in analysing and assessing company-related investments. Research, analysis and financial modelling. Assisting in the preparation of detailed presentations, documents and reports for senior management.

Provide first line process engineering support to the KhorMor operations. This position will work closely with the Plant Manager and Operations Superintendent to exploit the plant capability to maximise gas delivery, and liquids recovery managing the process to maximise the efficiency of both primary & secondary condensate recovery, while adjusting LPG recovery parameters to most effectively meet market demand.

Manage and direct 3 Components of the Asset Protection Department namely: North & South VCPs, the Explosive Dog Detection Cell and the Camp Guard Force in all operational and procedural matters within the KhorMor LPG Recovery Plant in Kurdistan.


Amira Al Alami

Process Engineer, Projects Department

I feel empowered through the support I’ve received over the years. As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, this support makes me contribute positively to our growth.

Shakhawan Kamal

Head of Human Resources & Administration, Kurdistan

We have invested heavily in improving, developing and supporting our local communities as part of our Community Action Programme.

Anitha Murali

Service & Training Coordinator

The work environment in which Crescent has so masterly created is one of a close family. I have so much pride in being a part of this family-oriented Company

Roneil Marty

Operations Coordinator

I love the work environment we have at Crescent especially the camaraderie between co-workers.

Samar Ghanayem

HR Specialist, Organisational Development

Performance management, training and career development are all essential components of our engagement with employees.